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(Home) Work In Proggress

2008-02-24 14:57:25 by nirvelyar

Oh god, I thought it was Saturday today and i had another night to get on with my homework, but this is just one of them and its a booklet on Naum Gabo; I've also got a geo essay and leaflet on The Gambia and an IT essay... Oh god ive got school tomorrow. I Blame the metro for saying it was Friday yesterday!


(Home) Work In Proggress


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2008-02-24 16:13:46

Doing your homework in flash? that's kind a niffty. you must have read an old issue of the newspaper, that sometimes happens. Ever read the horoscopes? I do all the time. And I'm also a sucka for Sudoku (Madoku??).

nirvelyar responds:

I probably did read an old one. Yeah, I'm always reading the horrorscopes even though I know they're not really true but sometimes its a motivation, in a way it also suggests you to change your day to match with the scopes.