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7/24/07 by nirvelyar
Updated 7/26/07

My flash "TOURETTES" is still in production!


Thanks for reading.... why are you here anyway? I haven't got any good stuff on the site yet soooooo. do Like my pic, I drew of me as a cartoon character?



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U look nerdy!

your ten, rock on man, rock on, If only I had my hand on flash at your age. Great drawing by the way, your the first person your age that I don't completly find annoying, most ten year olds just go and spam the portal with crap, and spam flash submissions with spamy reviews, spam! Wait are you ten or thirteen?

I will watch your flash when it's done. It had better be supremely awesome.

Nice drawing.

7/29/07 nirvelyar responds:

Awww thanks guy's + galls, your all so nice, but there are much better young artists like me on NG.

hm. my ten year old art is EXTREMELY similar. also because you look a bit like me.
a bit.

well man, ummm your kinda too young for this site because you have to be thirteen and your profile says your 80, YOUR 10! geez man this has some pretty explict content on NG so if I were you, I'd watch out for tom.

On the other hand you have some pretty good art skill.



still very, very impressive. or stolen. it was better then my 10 year old art. I wasnt that bad though

8/2/07 nirvelyar responds:

nah i'm not a pikey (lol), I don't steal!



Not the first, I started on NG when I was 10 aswell. I had to make a new account because I got a new email address. That was a dumb move.



Geez man, for... 10 Years old you sure are artistically talented.... keep it... don't become a doctor, lawyer, physician, teacher, president, etc. just be an animator!
[First 10 year old on NG who has a clue about something relavent]